Monday, 26 February 2018

Lent - Le carême

During this time of lent, the children in grade 4 immersion are learning the following prayer. It is recited at the end of the day.

En ce jour qui finit,
nous n'avons pas été ce que nous aurions pû être.

Faites nous meilleurs, mon Dieu, si possible; 

Moins durs envers les autres, 

Plus doux, plus patients.

Faites nous plus forts, plus décidés aussi,

Plus exigeants pour nous-mêmes,
Plus vrais que nos paroles, 
Plus fidèles que nos promesses et 
Plus souriant aussi.

Et que demain soit plus beau qu'aujourd'hui, plus grand.


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Joies de Noël


On this very snowy day,  I am assuming that the Christmas spirit is in the air and preparations for Christmas are gaining momentum!

I know the children are beginning to feel the energy in the air (or perhaps their energy is contagious?)

I've added new links for Christmas songs and poems (comptines) and below, you will also find a few links for Christmas cartoons in French that the children might enjoy. 

You may have to copy and paste the links - I'm afraid the links are not active in this document.

Le Noël des 9 chiens -

On a volé les rennes du Père Noël -

Le miraculeux Noël des schtroumpfs -

Le Père Noël contre le bonhomme de neige -

Mme Christine

Monday, 4 December 2017

C'est l'Avent!

                                             la paix          la joie        l'amour     l'espérance


The season of Advent is upon us and we will be reciting this prayer daily. Its meaning has been discussed with the children. You are welcome to practise it at home! 

Seigneur Jésus,
En ce temps de l'Avent
Je veux me préparer à T'acceuillir

Aide-moi à marcher dans la paix et la confiance
sur le chemin qui mène à Toi

Inspire-moi les gestes de 
pardon, paix et partage

Pour annoncer autour de moi la Bonne Nouvelle
de Ta venue parmi nous.


Mme Christine

Friday, 1 December 2017

SCIENCE QUIZ - Friday December 8 - GR 4 Immersion

There will be a quiz next Friday, December 8. It will focus on vocabulary that pertains to the Science Habitat unit that we are working on. The goal of a vocabulary quiz is to ensure that all children understand the words that we are using in our study and research on animals and their habitats.

Children are encouraged to use the review questions to study.

Bonne chance,
Mme Christine

QUIZ - Wednesday Dec. 6th - Gr 4 Immersion

There will be a quiz on 'er' verbs (present tense) for the GR 4 immersion students. Children must know how to conjugate verbs ending in 'er'. They are encouraged to refer to the 'er' verb song in their 'Je me pratique' duo-tang.

Happy Studying,
Mme Christine

QUIZ - Thursday December 7 - Grade 3, 3-4

There will be a quiz on verbs 'Être' and 'Avoir' in the present tense.  Children in Grade 3 will be able to refer to their notes in order to conjugate the verbs that are missing in sentences. Children in the grade 4 extended french class will have to know the verbs by heart as well as know how to apply them. All the students have a sheet in their 'Je me pratique' duo-tang with these verbs.

Happy studying!
Mme Christine

Wednesday, 22 November 2017



Could you kindly have your children keep their 'Je me pratique' duo-tang in their school bag
at all times? It makes it easier to have them add activities when they are in class.

Merci beaucoup!

Mme Christine