Wednesday, 7 November 2018

QUIZ - Government - Wednesday November 13th.


There will be a quiz on 'Government' next week.  All students will be bringing home their Social studies' duo-tangs to review their notes. Also, please have them refer to the study sheet (feuille d'étude) and practice quiz that I provided to help them prepare.


Mme Christine

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

VOTE !!!


In the last couple of weeks we have begun our Social Studies' unit on Government. It is no coincidence that we are in the midst of learning about municipal government as the Municipal Elections are in full swing!

With the goal of providing an authentic learning experience, all the grade 5 students will be participating in a student vote this Friday, October 19th. They will vote for someone in Ward 4 Kanata North, as if they were part of the actual election. In order to get them ready to make an informed decision, and avoid the 'eanie meany miny moe' trap, we have had discussions about municipal responsibilities. This has helped them decide which priorities are important to them.

Below you will find two links that your child can access to review the structure of government and elections as well as a list of 'Certified Candidates' (and many of their platforms) who are running in Monday's election. If using the CIVIX link, you are encouraged to consult videos for elementary school in the media section.

Finally, we will be hosting a special guest on Friday before the student vote. Mr. Matt Muirhead will be visiting to answer questions about government and the municipal election here in Kanata North.

The children are very excited to participate!  Stay tuned to find out who THEY think should be the next councilor in Kanata North!!

:o)  Mme Christine

Tuesday, 9 October 2018



I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!

This is a reminder that the Grade 5 students will be singing/reading at mass tomorrow morning 10:45.

All are welcome!

Make it a good day!!

Mme Christine

Thursday, 27 September 2018

DEVOIR 27 septembre


Please note that there will be a 'review' QUIZ next Thursday, October 4th.

We have been practising the following 4 verbs in the PRESENT tense. We will also complete a review sheet on Monday. It will be helpful for studying and students will bring it home on Monday night.

These are the verbs to study:

Ëtre                                    Avoir                              Aller                         JouER

Je suis                                J'ai                                Je vais                        Je jouE
Tu es                                  Tu as                            Tu vas                         Tu jouES
Il, Elle est                           Il, Elle a                        Il, Elle va                     Il, Elle jouE
Nous sommes                    Nous avons                  Nous allons                 Nous jouONS
Vous êtes                           Vous avez                     Vous allez                   Vous jouEZ
Ils, Elles sont                     Ils, Elles ont                   Ils, Elles vont              Ils, Elles jouENT

Note the similarities between some of the verb endings.:

Eg. 'TU' always has an S
      'NOUS' usually ends in ONS
      'VOUS' usually ends in EZ
      'ILS ELLES" usually end in ONT or ENT

Most verbs ending in ER (écouter, regarder, chanter, danser etc etc) can be conjugated by removing ER and placing the above ER ending, depending on the pronoun in front of the verb.

For example, if the sentence reads:
Nous _____ (regarder) les nuages.  = Nous regardons les nuages

The verb 'regarder' would end in ONS because the pronoun is NOUS as indicated above.

By mid October, your child will receive a 'French Thematic Guide'. This guide will be used to record vocabulary words from various subjects and divided into themes (eg. Calendar, Holidays, Social Studies, Sciences, Inquiries etc.) It will also include various verbs and verb tenses.  Your child will be able to consult the guide when he/she is writing. I think this will help to alleviate some of the 'intimidation' that children sometimes feel when they are attempting to read, write and speak in another language. I remember how I felt trying to speak German. Yikes!  It is my hope that students will bring this book into Grade 6.


Mme Christine Laroche

Friday, 7 September 2018

DEVOIR: 7 septembre - Homework


We have enjoyed a wonderful first week school! The children are happy to be back with their friends and they have done a great job getting back into routines. We have been reviewing desirable behavior in the classroom, the school and the yard and I am confident that we will all enjoy a fruitful year!

A quick note about homework:

Most work will be completed in class, however, should I ask your child to do something at home, I will post it on this blog with the date as you see above.

This weekend, I am asking your children to find a PHOTO of something that brings them JOY!! They are asked to bring it to school Monday, if possible, as it will be used for a display in the class.

Also, I also ask that every student have a RULER, preferably a small one that fits in a pencil case. If they already have a large ruler, there is NO NEED to go out and buy another one.

Other miscellaneous information will be shared during our Program Night with parents this coming THURSDAY September 20th. (It has been CHANGED from Wednesday).

Bonne fin de semaine!!

Mme Christine

Sunday, 2 September 2018


Bienvenue / Welcome "Chez Mme. Christine"!

My name is Mme Christine Laroche and I am thrilled to be teaching the Grade 5 Immersion program this year at St.Gabriel!

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and your children last year, or in previous years when I was teaching at the Kindergarten level. I look forward to getting to know all of your children and meeting you all at our upcoming open house on Wednesday, September 19th! More details will follow as the date approaches.

This year I will be working to help your children strengthen their understanding and use of the French language. To do so we will continue to build their vocabulary and use French in a variety of contexts and inquiries. Music and games will most definitely be involved as well!  Please look to the right of the blog to find links to songs that many of your children have learned in the last few years. These songs are great to help review everyday vocabulary.  At the bottom of this blog (in the white section) you will also find mainstream French songs that the children can listen to and even sing along with. Every child will be provided with a  'Reading' duo-tang where songs, prayers and relevant readings will be placed.

Kindest regards,

Mme. Christine Laroche